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Science Advocacy - First Steps

It is vital that MedTech scientists, and scientists in general, have the skills and resources necessary to advocate effectively for their science with decision-makers at institutional and governmental levels. Below are some considerations and suggested resources for MedTech scientists looking to take that first step into becoming advocates for their science, based on the findings of CÚRAM's White Paper on Science Advocacy in the Irish Medical Device Research Field.

What is Science Advocacy?

Why advocate for science?

Reasons for scientists to advocate for their work to policymakers are many, including:

  • A fundamental responsibility of scientists as global citizens and community members 
  • It is a requirement of publicly funded research 
  • Scientists have specialist knowledge to better inform policy 
  • Scientists can emphasise the necessity for science in society, and the rigour and integrity of the scientific process 
  • Public trust in science remains 

How to advocate for science?

EPA Bridge tools

Principal Investigator Impact – Planning for Impact Toolkits

Campus Engage – Engaged Research Planning for Impact Resources

Government of Ireland – Who Does What?

RAPID Context, Evidence, Links Framework

NDI Policy Development and Policy Advocacy Course Materials

EC Joint Research Centre – Science for Policy Handbook

SARA: An Introduction to Advocacy Training Guide


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