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Science Advocacy Training is a newly developed initiative at CÚRAM aiming to educate and support our research community to engage more effectively and responsibly with policymakers about the relevance and value of medical device research.

At CÚRAM, we define Science Advocacy as ‘Active support of science, informing policy audiences about our science and engaging with the policymaking process.’

The ultimate goal of the Science Advocacy Training programme is to inspire and empower our research community to advocate for their science with decision-makers at wider institutional and governmental levels.

We have recently launched a White Paper exploring how MedTech researchers and research centres in Ireland can work to help bridge the research-policy gap. The ‘Science Advocacy in MedTech’ White Paper includes key recommendations of the White Paper such as the need for more training support for researchers in effectively communicating and engaging with policy audiences, raising awareness of the policymaking process in Ireland and internationally, and providing networking and knowledge exchange opportunities for researchers and policy audiences. The ‘Science Advocacy in MedTech’ White Paper is freely available to view and download below.

‘Science Advocacy in MedTech’ White Paper

Science Advocacy Practical Insights

Science Advocacy in MedTech First Steps